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4 Easy Steps to Write Article with SEO Technique

In addition, article should be interesting and easily to be understood by readers, you must also consider about SEO aspect- Search Engine Optimization. The goal is that your website or blog has a good position on the search engine.

In fact there are many ways to achieve the goal. I will try to summarize the ways that I ever read about SEO article which is a short, compact, and easy to understand and easily to be practiced.

1. Define articles topically

To ensure that topic that you want to write a topic that is up to date at the time. For example, it comes up with recent global recession like “Where all the money goes” or common topic like related to online business like of “Simple step to make money by writing article”. The topic is a keyword that we use for SEO aspect. Then use the unique keyword in post title. We can create an interesting title like this: “How to starts blog business with 0 dollar “. The goal is that readers interested in and read from beginning to end. And other purposes are to aspects of SEO. That is, if there are visitors who search on search engines (Google, yahoo, etc.) with the keyword “Blog Business”, then there is the possibility blog or website will appear on the top page search engine list.

2. Write the article as soon as possible

Write your article from beginning to end  some time you don’t even need some writing technique  like grammar, the rules of writing articles, or in the implementation of SEO articles etc. The points just write what you have in your mind quickly which called draft writing process.

3. Review Article

After write into a draft, the next step is reviewing the draft page. Fix for any grammar or spelling errors, arrange paragraph alignment to read easily, change the words to be more technical so simple easy to understand, and so on.

4. Insert keywords into articles or keywords density 

The last step is to make your article is easy to be indexed by search engines, namely how to insert the keyword “Blog Business” in the article repeatedly. But don’t too many because it can be consider being keyword-spam. Besides, too many repeated keyword can become and the less well read. So, be smart and use keywords insert in your article carefully to optimize SEO.

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How to Enhance your Home Perfectly

Enhance your home

We provided the below information because we thought it would be helpful to our visitors. Please review the home improvement articles below. If you feel one of these articles was especially helpful, email us and we will move it to the top of this page. While you want to stay within your budget, there are many different ways you can beautify your home inexpensively. You only need to decide what appeals to your eye and what you want to accomplish. You can add new fixtures to your lights or select new flooring. Tile and ceramic blends are popular. You can use combinations of slate, marble, and stainless steel for interesting effects. Keep an eye on the overall impression of the room. If your room is small, you can usually afford more expensive items since you have less area to cover.

Building an outdoor wood deck.

A New Look to fireplaces. Present-day fireplaces are smaller in size compared with their predecessors. Their shape and material are also different. Cast iron fireplaces often replace brick and stone fireplaces, while the shape is usually chosen so as to blend well with the style of the room. For those who like an antique touch, there are mantelpieces and surrounds made of materials such as marble or pinewood. Durability and aesthetics are combined into a design that can often be considered a work of art and a streamlined heating equipment at the same time.

Discover new fire place tools for today’s fireplaces.

Table linen styles

There is a crisp art deco style to the tablelinens from the art nouveau period. Some of the common patterns that can be found from this period include good luck symbols such as wishbones and horseshoes, geometric prints including circles and squares, stylized florals, animal prints, and laurel wreaths.

Purchasing water filters

When deciding to purchase a water filtration system for your home, keep a couple things in mind: the scope of the water filtration and the ease of installing the system. For instance, there are water filters that remove only the sediment and odor while there are others that will additionally kill off the potentially harmful microorganisms and even remove very small particles.

Cleaning Ash From Your Fireplace

It is important to keep the ash from building up in your fireplace. If you use your fireplace a lot during cold months you should clean out the ash every day or two. When you keep a lot of ash in the fireplace hot embers can hide in them and they will keep their heat for quite a while. You should use a shovel to scoop out the ashes and put them in an ash bucket with a sealed lid or you can purchase an ash vacuum to help make this job easier. For more helpful tips on using your fireplace and on the many types of fireplace tool choices, visit Jimmy Fireplace

Clean Drinking Water

A home water filter system that filters out impurities and contaminants is a good investment for the whole family’s future. Our country is big on buying purified water. If we don’t have a water purification system at home, we have water delivered to our door or we take our three-gallon jugs to the water store every week for refills. But is it really necessary to buy our drinking water? Isn’t tap water good enough to drink? Studies show that municipal water sources have many contaminants.

Buying a Best Toilet

To enhance your home, you should have installed a best and powerful toilet in your bathroom. Check some best flushing toilet.


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